200 Club

The BBHC 200 Club has been run by our President Ron Patrick for a number of years and has been responsible for helping out with items outside of the normal day to day running of the club. One of the latest achievements was that it helped with the start up costs for the Website.

By nature of the name it is a club for up to 200 members to contribute over a year and have the chance on a monthly basis to win cash prizes. It is also a very useful tool for a fund raising activity on behalf of the Hockey Club.

Ron is always looking for new members and would like to hear from anybody who wishes to join. Since he is not on email, in the first instance please contact the Club Secretary (Chrisy Brookes) to be put in touch with him, or speak to any of the committee when you see them.




Prize   Name
December 2012
£100   Mr P Stanley
£50   Mr R Chana
£30   Mr B P Patel
£30   Ms C M Martin
£30   Mr R C Chapman
£20   Mr A Price
£20   Mrs S Metson
£20   Mr G A Shipley
£20   Mrs S Ellis
£10   Mr B P Patel
£10   Mr H B Patel
£10   Mr S Ellsworthy
November 2012
£20   Mr M Dixon
£10   Mr M Hunnisett
October 2012
£20   Mr M Thurlow
£10   Mrs J Chapman
September 2012
£20   Mr M McBride
£10   Mr S Webster
August 2012
£20   Mr R Porter
£10   Mr R C Chapman
July 2012
£20   Miss C Martin
£10   Mrs S Ellis
June 2012
£20   Mr J Perfitt
£10   Mr A Horsman
May 2012
£20   Miss A Hollands
£10   Mr K King
April 2012
£20   Miss F Dixon
£10   Mr G A Shipley
March 2012
£20   Miss K Hall
£10   Mr A Horsman
February 2012
£20   J Augustin
£10   D Pyke
January 2012
£20   P L Jeffrey
£10   W Davenport
December 2011 (Christmas Draw)
£100   C Hall
£50   B P Patel
£30   C Deeks
£30   A M Prior
£20   C M Martin
£20   M Cossar
£20   B Bradley
£10   M Thurlow
£10   A Gibbard
£10   D Eastgate
November 2011
£20   P L Jeffrey
£10   A Davenport
October 2011
£20   J Hopper
£10   A Davenport
September 2011
£20   R F Waddington
£10   K Stephens
August 2011
£20   D Davenport
£10   D Eastgate
July 2011
£20   E C Dixon
£10   J Grabham
June 2011
£20   B Cossar
£10   A Bartlett
May 2011
£20   J Augustin
£10   M Lee
April 2011
£20   A Hollands
£10   J G Ashe
March 2011
£20   P Stanley
£10   N Prior
February 2011
£20   R Kerslake
£10   M McCardle
January 2011
£20   M McBride
£10   A Price



Upcoming Events



Colts Summer Training
At Erith School
10.30am - 12pm
Monthly sessions:
Sun 12th May
Sun 9th June
Sun 14th July
Sun 11th August

Men's Summer 7-a-side
at Erith School.
- All abilities = 7:45pm - 9pm
- £3/person
- U18s must wear shin pads & gum shields
-  Check Facebook for updates >>